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Why we changed from LIMSA to L3A?

In 2017 we modified our statutes to allow other professions to join our Association. The main reason for doing this was to demonstrate that we promote the interests of not only corporate service providers but also the interests of the Luxembourg alternative funds service providers. This is why we felt that it is important to change our name as we begin to actively market ourselves to attract new members and be better known on the market.

Our new name is “Luxembourg Alternative Administrators Association" abbreviated to "L3A".

We believe the name is clear and shows our focus:

Luxembourg: our focus is in Luxembourg only. Alternative: our focus is on the alternative sector - the only Luxembourg association that is fully focused on PERE/Debt/Capital Markets alternatives. Administrators: our focus is on our members interests, being administrators of alternative investment structures. Association: our focus is on lobbying the interests of our members, and we now have a seat at the most important table in the market.


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