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Welcome to adVeci Advisors!

The Luxembourg Alternative Administrators Association (L3A) is pleased to welcome adVeci Advisors as a new Associate Member.

Read this short interview of Dimitri Davreux, Managing Partner.


1° Can you outline the history and activity of your company in a few words?


AdVeci Advisors has been founded in 2020 to provide comprehensive HR and Corporate Governance solutions including advisory & ongoing support packages for Executive & HR Teams and boards.

Our client base consists mainly of PEs and other investment firms and families investing locally and globally.


2° You have recently decided to join L3A - what are the key reasons behind this?


In our previous experiences we've already worked with L3A and found it very beneficial to be able to exchange with market leaders on the subjects that are important to everyone.

Most importantly we've always enjoyed participating in the L3A committees that allowed us to discuss with colleagues of the sector, lobby for a certain market standard, and help each other out.

To give a concrete example, back in the days, we had, within the HR committee of the L3A, discussed the new standards we wanted to put in place in terms of remote working. This was very useful on several levels: (1) learning about a new normal, (2) exchanging on changes and (3) deciding as a group what market best practice we wanted to implement (in line with regulatory requirements of course).


3° What do you believe you can offer to L3A and the alternative administrator provider ecosystem?


With both our experiences in the Alternative Administrator Industry, as well as the HR Service Sector, we believe that we will be able to make a difference by contributing especially to the HR committee of the L3A, by sharing experience, best practice and network.


4° What do you see as the greatest opportunities offered by Luxembourg in the alternative administrator provider market? What are the main challenges to be tackled in order to capitalise on these opportunities?


We do anticipate a shift in the focus for companies, from back-office focus to more front and investment making focus.


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