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L3A Breakfast - DAC 6: Clarifications and best practices for Alternative Administrators

On Wednesday 8th November, 30 members were gathered at House 17 for a technical breakfast on the important topic of DAC 6.

During this breakfast, Oliver R. Hoor, international tax partner with ATOZ Tax Advisers, focused in particular on the often less-than-clear role of alternative administrators which may, or may not, be secondary intermediaries depending on their involvement in a (potentially) reportable cross-border arrangement. The presentation also considered best practice that should help alternative administrators to be immune against penalties for non-compliance.

The 2018 EU Council directive known as DAC 6 aims to increase transparency by providing tax authorities with advance warning of potentially aggressive or abusive tax planning schemes and to identify their promoters and users.

The presentation, as well as abridged and unabridged versions of the L3A position paper, can be found on L3A’s website.

Download the presentation:

Download PDF • 2.14MB




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